ToyotaLift brings new speed and efficiency to Red Cross warehouse thanks to donated equipment

By: Sophie Kluthe

When disaster strikes, time can sometimes be an emergency responder’s worst enemy, but thanks to ToyotaLift Northeast, major response operations have just been sped up for trained Red Cross disaster workers in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Earlier this month, a truck arrived at the American Red Cross warehouse in Montgomery County with a delivery that would make any logistics specialist smile; it was a beautiful forklift gifted to the American Red Cross by  ToyotaLift Northeast.

From left to right: Mike Carra – Vice President of Sales Toyota Lift Northeast, Jeffrey Banks -Red Cross Logistics Specialist, Daniel Rosado – Red Cross Logistics Service Associate – Hunter Menges – Marketing Coordinator, ToyotaLift Northeast

“This new forklift enables us to be better prepared for disasters big and small. This warehouse stores disaster related supplies for our entire region – like clots, blankets and pillows to open emergency shelters when the need arises. By having the ability to quickly load these supplies into trucks, it allows the Red Cross to reach more people in need, more quickly, when they need it most,” said Erin Stephens, Regional Disaster Officer of the American Red Cross Eastern Pennsylvania Region.

On what was one of the coldest days of the season so far in Southeastern Pennsylvania, the sight of a new, orange forklift rolling into the warehouse was a sight that would warm any Red Crossers heart. Thank you, ToyotaLift!

Red Cross regional logistics lead, Joe Cirillo, tries his hand at operating the new lift he helped acquire for the Eastern Pennsylvania Region warehouse

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