Students at New Foundations Charter School bring gifts, smiles to the Red Cross House

By: Sophie Kluthe

It was high fives all around on Tuesday as a group of about 75 first grade students from New Foundations Charter School visited the Red Cross House in Philadelphia bearing gifts. 

The Red Cross House is a disaster recovery center that provides housing and ongoing support to help local and regional victims of home fires and other unforeseen disasters. Some of the residents arrive with little more than the clothes they were wearing when they were forced out of their home.

That’s why the students’ donations of hygiene kits, blankets, and cloth dolls brought smiles to the faces of the families who graciously accepted them. The New Foundations students also presented hand-made cards bursting with bright colors and well-wishes.

As part of the visit, the students got to meet the Red Cross mascot, Fred Cross, take a tour of the Red Cross House and learn about all the things the organization does to support the community. Before heading back to school, each student was given a disaster preparedness activity book to take home. Hopefully each student will pass along a meaningful lesson about planning and preparedness to their families. The partnership is extra special because this trip has become an annual tradition for first graders at this school.

Thank you New Foundations Charter School for your generous donations and for giving us the opportunity to show you the Red Cross House!

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