National Volunteer Week Spotlight: Janice Thomas

National Volunteer week is April 7th – April 13th, which means a lot to us at the American Red Cross because volunteers make up 90 percent of our workforce! Our volunteers are the true muscle behind the Red Cross. With endless compassion and dedication, Red Cross volunteers give us the valuable gift of their time as they help us achieve our mission day in and day out. That is why we wanted to highlight two volunteers from our Eastern Pennsylvania Region every day this Monday through Friday. 

This post wraps up five days of volunteer spotlights from our Eastern Pennsylvania Region. Tri-County Chapter – Disaster Program Specialist, Matthew Breidenstein explains why he nominated Janice Thomas, Mass Care Coordinator and Volunteer Lead for the Eastern PA Regional Training Conference, for this volunteer spotlight:  

Janice Thomas

 “In the last year, Janice Thomas has quickly risen as a leader in Eastern PA. Building on her DAT experience, Janice was offered and accepted the role Mass Care Coordinator for the Tri-County Chapter. In this role, Janice has contributed significantly to the increased readiness of the Tri-County chapter and the EPA region. Starting in her home county of Chester, Janice took on the huge task of updating all shelter facility surveys and agreements. During this project, she regularly met with Chester County Emergency Managers in order to develop a list of shelters and made appointments with school districts across the county. Further, she trained the volunteer workforce so that they could accurately complete the surveys. She completed the project in record time! Now, she is expanding her efforts and leading the charge to complete surveys in Berks and Schuylkill counties.  Further, she has ensured that shelter trailers and supplies are updated, organized, and inventoried. She has helped to lead shelter drills in Chester county so that our responders are prepared when the next disaster strikes. 

This past fall, Janice deployed twice, including to the Carolinas to support sheltering post-Hurricane Florence and during the flooding in the northern part of our region. During both deployments, Janice displayed her grit and determination, ensuring that the Red Cross could support service delivery to affected clients.  

Janice’s work ethic is noticed and appreciated throughout the region. Recently, Janice was offered and accepted the role as Volunteer Lead for the EPA Regional Training Conference. In a few short weeks, she has helped secure a location for the conference, a place for volunteers to stay, and has pulled together a committee to help run social events.  

In Janice’s short tenure with the Red Cross, she has stepped up, rolled up her sleeves up, and worked until the job was done. We are truly lucky to have her as part of the Tri-County team.” 

Thank you, Janice! 

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