National Volunteer Week: Spotlight on Ernie Roundtree

By: Michele Baehr

National Volunteer week is April 7th – April 13th, which means a lot to us at the American Red Cross because volunteers make up 90 percent of our workforce! Our volunteers are the true muscle behind the Red Cross. With endless compassion and dedication, Red Cross volunteers give us the valuable gift of their time as they help us achieve our mission day in and day out. That is why we wanted to highlight two volunteers from our Eastern Pennsylvania Region every day this Monday through Friday. 

Ernie Roundtree is a Blood Donor Ambassador and an Operations Volunteer. Whatever we ask him to do or help with, he is always happy to do so with a smile and positive attitude. Ernie does everything around the chapter – receptionist, making packets for events, cleaning off cars, and the list goes on. According to Ernie, his favorite thing about volunteering is, “Meeting people and sharing good hospitality to people at the blood drives, entering the office and sharing my smile with the office.”

Ernie Roundtree

Ernie said he felt a calling from ‘the man upstairs’ to donate his time to the American Red Cross, something he has now done for the last two years.

“I have an intellectual disability didn’t let it stop me from giving back. It makes me feel blessed to work with all the volunteers I encounter,” Ernie said.

Volunteers like Ernie are indispensable to the work we do at the American Red Cross and this spotlight is a small way for us to say, thank you for sharing your positivity with us!

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