Answering the Call: Spotlight on Volunteer Abhinay Soanker

By: Sophie Kluthe

Not all volunteers get regular, middle-of-the-night phone calls that pull them out of bed and onto the scene of a disaster, but that’s par-for-the course for many American Red Cross Disaster Team members. And many of them do it for no pay. Abhinay Soanker is one of those disaster team volunteers who answers the call, time and time again out of pure dedication to his community and the Red Cross Mission. Here’s what Disaster Program Supervisor, Kristopher Dumschat, had to say about Abhinay:

“Abhinay Soanker has been a valued member of our Lehigh Valley-Bucks Chapter for many years. He plays a vital role on our Disaster Teams, responding out into the community at all different times of the day and night to help those in need. In 2018, Abhinay was our lead disaster responder in the LVB Chapter, going out to more than 60 responses in Lehigh, Northampton and Bucks Counties. Abhinay has helped with numerous shelter operations, dozens of home fires, floods, winter storms and much more.

Aside from disaster responses, Abhinay continues to stay involved by helping out at Sound the Alarm install events, Red Cross community events, and numerous training events. Abhinay works with many of our new Red Cross volunteers to help train and develop their skills within Disaster Cycle Services. Not only is Abhinay heavily involved with our numerous teams, he is a highly respected individual and a valued leader. In the time I have had working with Abhinay, I have continued to be impressed by his professionalism, his thoughtfulness and his willingness to drop everything and help those in need.”

The American Red Cross Depends on Volunteers like Abhinay to respond to disasters big and small, and help make our communities safer. Thank you, Abhinay!

If you’ve ever considered volunteering for the Red Cross, or have questions about volunteering, visit l

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