Red Cross Month: Celebrating Volunteer Sandy Oberholtzer

By: Sophie Kluthe

The American Red Cross is so dynamic and it’s important to remember the work that happens behind the scenes to keep information up to date, attract donations big and small, and make sure events go on without a hitch! That’s why this week we wanted to spotlight Sandy Oberholtzer, who graciously volunteers her time in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Grant Specialist Emily Schricker had this to say about Sandy:

Sandy Oberholtzer works in the Poconos Chapter with Executive Director Michele Baehr. She is committed to our transition to One Red Cross and is a constant presence at blood drives as well as helping Michele with Special Events. I found how brightly Sandy shines when I saw the activity data she compiles for the chapter. This information is EXTREMELY helpful for tracking the success of the chapter’s outreach efforts for both preparedness and disaster response.  

When it was time for me to do the United Way application for Monroe County Michele sent me copies of her reports and it was wonderful to have all the info we needed right there. The number of students reached with Pillowcase Project in what counties, the same for Pedro, STA home visits outside of largescale events, and any time Red Cross reps were in the community handing out preparedness information – she had it all in one excel doc and it was great! 

A dedicated volunteer that can pay attention to detail like this is a great way for us to track this info and our grants and reporting are so much better for her doing it! 

Thank you Sandy!” 

Sandy is a great example of some of the diverse volunteer opportunities there are within the American Red Cross! If you would like to volunteer, apply and talk to someone about what your schedule allows and where your skill set fits best!

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