Red Cross Training

The Red Cross trains people to prepare for and respond to emergencies. Whether for professionals to meet business compliance or just to be knowledgeable, we offer various classes to teach you important skills and make sure you are ready for any situation. Our classes are provided in multiple formats to be as convenient as possible. In person classes are held at local locations and provide hands-on training with experienced instructors. Blended learning classes combine the flexibility of online with hands-on training. Online classes are interactive and customizable courses that let you work at your own pace. To make certification easy and accessible, we give Red Cross Digital Certificates through your personal Red Cross Account upon completion of courses.

Red Cross Training Saves Lives Portraits

First aid training and CPR training keep your loved ones safe or allow you to meet OSHA compliance. These classes prepare you for the unexpected so that you can provide care when it is needed most. Automated external defibrillator (AED) certification teaches you how to respond to sudden cardiac arrest, which can happen to anyone at any time. Babysitter and childcare training prepare you to be the best caretaker, which improves children’s safety and increases your value. Swim classes and water safety classes teach vitally important water safety for personal use and, further, lifeguarding training certifies you to be a lifeguard.

The Red Cross does not only provide training for personal uses but also for professional careers. Certified nurse assistant (CNA) training is an innovative program to enter the nursing field and play an important role in healthcare. The Red Cross has prepared individuals for nursing for over 100 years now. Basic life support for healthcare providers (BLS) training for healthcare and public safety professionals helps improve patient outcomes. It uses a scenario-based approach to further develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Through BLS courses, we also offer continuing education for emergency medical technicians (EMTs). EMT training ensures professionals are current with CPR, AED and other life support skills.

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Written by Brady Schneider

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