Alex Kane: One WWII Veteran’s Story

As the decades since the end of World War II continue to pass, more and more of our proud veterans of that war are lost each year. That’s why it’s important this and every Veterans Day to acknowledge and thank them for all of their accomplishments. We also must encourage them to pass down their incredible stories of bravery and heroism through the generations.

It truly is awe-inspiring to hear these veterans speak about their experiences today. And it’s almost unbelievable how even well into their 90s they continue to give back to their country and the organizations that touched their lives during the war.

This year for his 95th birthday, WWII veteran Alex Kane asked his friends to send donations to the American Red Cross.  He says it’s his way to say thank you for what the American Red Cross and International Red Cross did for him while in Europe.

He recounted one story where he was on his way to a Red Cross building when bombing of the area began. He emerged from cover to find the building in flames. From that day forward he has championed for the Red Cross and stressed its importance to all he talks to.

We at the American Red Cross appreciate his kind support of our services to soldiers and veterans. For more information on our partnership with the military throughout the years, check out the article below.


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