A Word From Our Photographer

As a volunteer photographer for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Red Cross communications, I have the opportunity to witness dozens of examples of my fellow _ALT4720volunteers on the job. Often, they are not just helping people who have experienced catastrophe, but are on hand at major city events to handle medical emergencies and participate in fund raisers, which are the “life blood” of our local Red Cross.

At the Hurricane Sandy Thank-a-Thon, I took pictures as volunteers manned telephones at Channel 3 and spent the day calling contributors to

Carolyn Smith V Front Desk

express thanks.  I was at Red Cross House during Thanksgiving week to witness over 400 turkeys being handed out to people in the community.  I was also at the delicious cook-out celebrating the Red Cross House’s tenth anniversary. There, I witnessed volunteers working tirelessly from morning to dusk to make the occasion a high point 

for current and past Red Cross House guests. What an amazing event!  Scrumptious food was prepared, cooked, and served by Red Cross House volunteers.

Volunteers are not only ON the scene of disaster but BEHIND the scenes working on-call shifts for 

Bob Brown at the BarbecueCommunications, tweeting key information on breaking and ongoing disasters.   On Independence Day, a Disaster team was on the job, performing first aid and signing up volunteers.  Large city events can sometimes involve crowd related injuries.  Red Cross volunteers were on the scene to assist people until late that night.ouse employees and volunteers.  This summer, I photographed the Annual Veterans’ Stand-down, a huge event to connect homeless veterans to essential services in their communities.

Then there are the people who volunteer to wear the Fred Cross and Buddy Tear Drop mascot costumes to delight the children at the annual Holiday party.  It is HOT inside those outfits, but nobody complains.BloodDropFredBaby

I could go on and on citing example after example, but I think you get the drift.

The selfless dedication to the Red Cross Mission, seen day-in and day-out in the hundreds and hundreds of people who do the work of the Red Cross in the Philadelphia area, is so apparent.  And the thing that stands out the most for me is that Red Cross Volunteers LOVE the work they do.  None would have it any other way.

I’m very proud to be associated with the American Red Cross SEPA Chapter, and will always be grateful that I signed up to be part of the team.

Michelle Alton


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