March Brings Winter Storm to Philadelphia Region

photo 2Posted 2/28/14 3pm

Officially, winter does not end until March 19th and the winter season is really hanging on this year.
The Philadelphia region is gearing up for yet another major winter storm, complete with snow and possible ice accumulations.

The American Red Cross
Southeastern Pennsylvania stands ready to respond to whatever comes our way. Supplies and staff are ready in case shelters are needed. Red Cross workers will be in contact with emergency management officials throughout the region leading up to, during and after the storm. The Regional Disaster Coordination Center at Red Cross headquarters in Philadelphia will continue to answer calls 24-hours a day and dispatch volunteers to respond to the everyday disasters the Red Cross handles even when there isn’t a winter storm.

For now, the American Red Cross Southeastern Pennsylvania urges residents in the area to prepare now for the weather ahead. Be sure to have enough water and food on hand in case you cannot leave your home for an extended time. Here are some links to more tips on how to prepare and respond during the storm:

Winter Safety Tips including what items to have in your home and vehicle before a storm hits.

Tips on protecting your pets during a winter storm, please don’t forget your pets.

Tips to prevent or thaw frozen pipes in your home.


Take time to download and learn more about the Red Cross mobile Apps. The first aid app, in particular could come in handy during and after a snowstorm. Any of the disaster apps like the hurricane app will provide you with shelter information, if needed.

As always, look for up to date information about responses, shelters and even tips by following our official twitter feed:  @redcrossphilly

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