Be a Guest Blogger

How to Blog for the American Red Cross – Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter

We love to hear from our volunteers in the field. Tell us about your experience! Your stories will help others understand what it means to be a volunteer at the SEPA Chapter of the American Red Cross. Your readers may even feel moved to lend us a hand. Try inspiring someone else with a story of your own.

Here are a few guidelines for ARC-SEPA guest blogging:

  1. Don’t be afraid! If you had any experience at all as a volunteer with the Red Cross you are guaranteed to have a story to share. It’s the nature of our work. It’s dramatic.
  2. Your story does not have to be current. Recently we worked with a blogger who was writing about the hurricane/flood response in the summer of 2011. This is an opportunity to share the kind of work we do and why it’s so important.
  3. Make sure to include lots of details. Don’t just say you drove an ERV in the middle of the night. Tell your reading public how cold or warm it was, how you were feeling and what you were thinking. Describe the event you responded to and the people you helped but make sure to protect the privacy of those involved.
  4. Use straightforward language, without a lot of adjectives or ornamentation to describe your experience. Let your verbs do the work. When talking about a serious incident or event, it’s best to keep things simple and clear. Your reader will bring his/her own emotions in response to your writing.
  5. Include pictures, if you took any, when you send in your information. Make sure the people in the pictures agreed to let you publish the picture. Again, take care not to invade anyone’s privacy.
  6. The Red Cross has your back. If you are worried that you are not the best writer, speller or grammarian in the world, our crafty editors have access to reference books that can help.
  7. Dave Schrader, the head of our Communications Department, provided an excellent example of this sort of blogging when he recorded his experiences at several disasters on April 9th, 2012. Check out our blog,, to read his account of his extraordinary day.

Got an experience you want to share? Please consider submitting it to our blog. Send submissions to Sarah Peterson at

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you!

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