Breakfast of Champions!

One thing I love about working at the Red Cross’s Southeastern Pennsylvania chapter is the sense of community spirit. After what can only be called, in families with teenage sons parlance, a “rough morning”, my arrival at work was greeted with a cheerful invitation to “come down to breakfast!”

Perhaps you were unaware, but here at the Red Cross of Southeastern Pennsylvania, we are looking forward to the Red Cross Walk and Run to Save Lives on Saturday, April 21! This is an annual fundraiser that invites members of our community to walk slowly, walk faster, run fast, run slowly, sprint, run with a dog, walk with a dog, walk with assistance, roll, push a stroller or boogie across our 5K finish line! Don’t be shy! Try wearing tiny red running shorts – or anything red, for that matter and show your solidarity.

Many enterprising individuals form fundraising teams, which is how I ended up invited to a fantastic breakfast. Team “ES Faster than Disaster,” held a breakfast fundraiser this morning at chapter headquarters. The menu included pancakes, scrambled eggs, and turkey and beef sausages. There was even a French toast line for my more patient colleagues.  For a mere fiver, I got all the pancakes, eggs and turkey sausages I could consume in a single sitting! The best part is that it goes straight to (my hips) disaster relief!


Other teams are initiating their own methods of money extraction. Apparently, our Volunteer Administration Department has morphed into the Fast and Fabulous team. They are sponsoring a General Store and Vintage Photo Booth. Hard working Red Cross team members can have their photos taken wearing the Red Cross paraphernalia of yesteryear. A recently received email invites us to shop the General Store for everything from Bonsai plants to hipster dresses. Who could refuse? Not to be outdone, our Financial Development team is providing a singing telegram service. I’ve heard some of those folks can really croon.

The Red Cross invites you to be creative in your own workplace. Organize some office bonding for a great cause and then invite everyone to come out on April 21st and propel their bodies in any way they please at the Red Cross Walk and Run to Save Lives.

It’s important to mention that being part of a team is not required. If you are your “own dog” like my teenager, sign up as an individual and come join the fun. Even if you’re just hearing about it now there’s still time to sign up! Check out this  page for more information.



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